Our story actually begins in 1905, when Avon Kenneth Weaver bought
an interest in Corinth (MS) Bottling Works, a small soda water
plant owned by Mr. C. C. Clark. At that time, Coca-Cola was
being produced in Jackson, Tennessee and shipped to Corinth
by rail car. Mr. Weaver and Mr. Clark were set on obtaining
a Coca-Cola franchise for Northeast Mississippi and while awaiting
developments in Corinth, were granted a license for Coca-Cola
in New Albany, Mississippi. Mr. Clark moved there to begin that
operation in 1906.

Avon Kenneth Weaver

Early equipment was simple. Bottles were washed and filled by hand
and were capped with a foot-powered machine. Rural areas were
served by rail, but in downtown Corinth, a young man named Luke
Caldwell made deliveries in a wheelbarrow. Finally, gasoline
operated trucks came on the scene.

Many changes have occurred in the Coca-Cola business in our 100+ years and Coca-Cola Bottling Works has
evolved into a modern industry. Corinth Coca-Cola was able to expand its operations considerably with acquisitions of
Corinth Dr Pepper in 1969, Tupelo Coca-Cola in 1977 and Lexington (TN) Coca-Cola in 1985. With those acquisitions, the Company covers a broad area from south of Tupelo, MS to north of Camden, TN.

In 1962, the field of food vending and service was entered. This operation
is now Refreshments, Inc. Expansion in this area in Jackson
Tennessee in 1990 and in Tupelo, MS in 2000 enabled the Refreshments
Companies to become a formidable competitor on a regional basis.

Nothing about the history of Coca-Cola Bottling Works could be more
outstanding than the many people who have contributed to its
success. This certainly includes the loyal employees and customers
that have been such a large part of the legacy of Coca-Cola
Bottling Works.

The Company continues to be owned and operated by the descendants
of Avon Kenneth Weaver. Four generations of family members have
worked in the business during the past 100+ years.

It is with pride in the past, an unfailing trust in employees and
customers and an overwhelming optimism for the future, that
we look forward to our next century of service to the area.